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portogruaroPortogruaro is located in northeastern Italy, on the Lemene River. The town has old houses (dating from the 14th century), ancient gates and arcades, and a cathedral with a slender campanile that is slightly askew. The Palazzo Comunale is a 14th-century Gothic building. Portogruaro is also known for its production of Tocai wine.

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Oderzo is a town in the province of Treviso, Veneto, northern Italy. It lies in the heart of the Venetian plain, about 66 km to the northeast of Venice. Oderzo is traversed by the Monticano River, a tributary of the Livenza.

The centro storico, or town center, is rich with archeological ruins which give insight into Oderzo's history as a notable crossroad in the Roman Empire.

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trevisoTreviso  is an attractive town in the Veneto region of north-east Italy. Treviso gives a tranquil atmosphere and with its old city walls and ancient red-brick buildings, is rich in waters and canals, and in this aspect reminds one of Venice. It's also famous for its wines: Tocai, Prosecco, Merlot, Cabernet and Raboso and for the typical dishes, risotto and luganega.

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Venezia is only 50 km far from the Relais. It' s keeps on fashinating people from all over the world with its unique location in a charming lagoon. Venezia is one of the most representative examples of the Italian art and architecture, but also for the classical music: Antonio Vivaldi, who lived here for many years, composed dozens of works in Venezia.

It' s also famous for its calli, campielli and fondamenta.

Venice must be visited!!

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cortinaCortina is known as the “pearl  of Dolomtes", it has been the site of important winter sports ever since in 1956. Today, it has over 30 ski tows among cable-ways, chair-lifts and ski-lifts. Cortina is surrounded by famous mountains such as the TofaneMount CristalloPomagagnònCroda Rossa and the Cinque Torri” .  You can enjoy many enchanting shops and indulge in your shopping, beautiful restaurants, and spend your nights in Cortina’s numerous nightclubs

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Via Agazzi, n°18
Biverone di S.Stino di Livenza
Venezia / Veneto
30029 Italia

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